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[Press release] Busan Biennale 2018 Calls for Artistic Director
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Busan Biennale 2018 Calls for Artistic Director

Busan Beinnale 2016

Courtesy of the Busan Biennale Organizing Committee

The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the committee, executive director: Choi Tae man) is openly recruiting an artistic director who will be responsible for planning the Busan Biennale 2018. The application deadline is December 15, 2017.

The artistic director selected in early January of 2018 will play a leading role in comprehensively directing exhibitions of the Busan Biennale 2018. He or she will be responsible for presenting exhibition titles, selecting artists and artworks, drawing up a budget, and planning academic programs.

This open recruitment different from the common practice of selecting an artistic director through internal procedure by a recommendation committee and selection committee will be carried out to discover a new director who will raise new discourses, departing from fixed perspectives. The committees executive director Choi Tae man states, The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee will be more flexible as an open artistic institution and simultaneously pursue transparency and rationality as its first priorities." He adds that Despite the short time to prepare for the Busan Biennale 2018, this open recruitment will offer curators at home and abroad an equal opportunity and will be a breakthrough in showcasing the biennales intention to proceed with a new vision. In fact, the committee has discovered newly rising curators in the Asian region by selecting curators for the Asian Curatorial Exhibition, the Busan Biennale 2014 special exhibition through open recruitment.

The artistic director to be selected in early January 2018 through both open recruitment and recommendation

The committee is scheduled to select an artistic director for the Busan Biennale 2018 through open recruitment alongside candidate recommendation through the recommendation committee. The recommendation committee composed of artistic directors of previous Busan Biennales and curators who are currently active will recommend the most qualified candidates based upon their experiences of planning and curating exhibitions both at home and abroad. The committee will complete the selection of an artistic director for the Busan Biennale 2018 by January 6, 2018 and will begin its preparation for the biennale in earnest.


- One who has planned and curated large-scale international exhibitions, biennales, or so. 

- One who has the capability and will to realize Busans identity, history, culture, and future through exhibitions.

- One who has the logic and power of execution to raise new discourses in art of the times in an era of neoliberalism and the fourth industrial revolution.

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The Busan Biennale is a biannual international contemporary art exhibition that has been held in every other year. Its predecessor is the Busan Youth Biennale that was voluntarily organized by Busans local young artists in 1981. Unlike other biennales, the Busan Biennale has represented Busans urban identity and also presented experimental and dynamic exhibitions. The Busan Biennale 2018 is scheduled to be held in the second half of 2018.