Date : 15-06-16 09:54
[Press Release] The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee Confirms the Exhibition Theme of the Sea Art Festival 2015
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The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee Confirms


the Exhibition Theme of the Sea Art Festival 2015


- To be held at Dadaepo Beach under the Theme of See Sea & Seed -

The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the 'Organizing Committee') will officially enter into a system of preparing for the exhibition after confirming the exhibition theme as See — Sea & Seed for the Sea Art Festival 2015 held at Dadaepo Beach in Busan from September 19 to October 18.

Concerning the exhibition theme, Artistic Director Sung-Ho Kim (an independent curator and art critic) says The Sea Art Festival 2015 will sow the SEED of art in a horizontal( — ) exhibition area, Dadaepo Beach(SEA). The exhibition will share(&) joy with citizens as well as invited artists and provide a unique experience for spectators(SEE). He also says that This is a theme which symbolically speaks for the seeds in the vast sea of Dadaepo Beach, in other words, the creation and germination of new art by exhibiting artworks.
Not only this exhibition theme composed of the words that everyone can easily understand, but even the pronunciation is almost same in the words See — Sea & Seed. This theme helps viewers better familiarize themselves with the artwork of the Sea Art Festival 2015. 

Dadaepo Beach, Germinates the Seed of Art.
Dadaepo Beach is a place where there is a vast seashore and is the most ideal place to have outdoor exhibitions where the natural environment is also preserved well. Artistic Director Sung-Ho Kim has divided the vast area of Dadaepo beach into a total of five categories called scattering seeds(SEE), sprouting seeds( ), growing sea(SEA), growing seeds(&) and growing seeds(SEED). He is planning a storytelling exhibit to germinate the seed of art in Dadaepo Beach and exhibit artworks containing different messages in each section to transform Dadaepo Beach into a brand new place.

Exhibiting Experimental Contemporary Art That Elder Artists and Emerging Artists in Korea and Abroad Will Participate In
The upcoming Sea Art Festival 2015 will be an exhibition to be shared by all local residents and citizens as well as artists. A balanced number of emerging artists as well as elder and leading artists of contemporary art circles in Korea and abroad is scheduled to participate to show off artworks that contain a wide range of interpretations of the exhibition theme. Also, a large number of new artworks will be made public as the majority of entries will be completed on the spot. 

An Imaginary Excavation Project Using Semi-Underground Areas and Plateaus
The Germinating Seed_Imaginary Excavation Project is a project that uses horizontal spaces called semi-underground and vertical spaces called plateaus or sand dunes. These areas will reinterpret and discover the history of Dadaepo Beach as the archive style artworks including media arts and installation works will be lined up in the semi-underground space of the beach. This area will be created by connecting many containers while the homage artworks of emerging artists will be lined up on the plateaus and sand dunes soaring up from this semi-underground space. The distinct characteristics of this space and a re-interpretation of the history of Dadaepo Beach are expected to offer an unconventional experience that can only be seen at the Sea Art Festival 2015.

The Organizing committee will devote its effort to plan various types of on-the-spot programs that spectators can participate in along with the exhibition to offer a place for communication and promote regional culture. The progress of Sea Art Festival 2015 is scheduled to be announced continuously through the official homepage of the Busan Biennale (