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Busan Biennale, Speeds Up the Effort for Improvement
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Busan Biennale, Speeds Up the Effort for Improvement


- Deals with Problems of the Entire Organization Operations

by Operating a Institutional Improvement Committee -

Aside from the grand opening of Busan Biennale 2014 exhibition event at places like Busan Museum of Art, Busan Cultural Center and KISWIRE Sooyoung Factory of under the theme of 'Inhabiting the World' on September 20th, Busan Biennale Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) is speeding up in preparing measures to save itself for the improvement of Busan Biennale. The Organizing Committee has launched Institutional Improvement Committee composed of internal and external personnel in July and discussed various plans through the meetings held in 3 sessions.


The details discussed with focus in the meetings of Institutional Improvement Committee includes subdivision and stipulation on the status and the roles of organizations including Board of Directors, Operating Committee and Executive Office along with short and long term plans for the future development in addition to modifying the Articles of Incorporation and the provisions of Internal Regulations having a considerable gap from the current operating system.


Looking in detail, there was an opinion that the membership fee collection method, etc must be improved to have the members actively participate in the event by having pride through proper respectful treatment and guarantee of rights. The opinion was that for the voting and execution organizations including the Board of Directors and the Operating Committee, the term is increased to 4 years from existing 2 years considering the exhibition system of Busan Biennale that is held every two years while the room for dispute in the future must be eliminated by specifying in the Articles of Incorporation with clear classification on the roles of the Board of Directors and the Operating Committee. Also to strengthen the role of the chairman of Operating Committee who is directly responsible for the exhibition, a change from the existing non-permanent honorary post to a permanent execution committee chairperson has been examined while the necessity of elevating status of the Executive Office and the Artistic Director that could be called a sub-execution organizations as the Secretariat and the General Artistic Director also has been raised.


Aside from the above, an opinion to enhance transparency and fairness to block suspicions of the chairman of operating committee intervening in the appointment process of the Artistic Director by organizing and operating a separate expert committee decided in the Board of Directors also has been raised in order to prevent the situation of getting crippled in the appointment process of the Artistic Director that had recently been a problem.

Also, the necessity to build up the expertise by consolidating the arts and sciences function of the Organizing Committee itself, etc has been raised along with pointing out the necessity to enhance expertise and completeness of organization operations and event performance by increasing the percentage of participation in the Board of Directors and the Operating Committee as well as consolidating various expert committees.


In addition, establishment of a supporters association for raising funds, a changeover from existing incorporated association to foundation corporation and plans to secure finances and the operation plan of Busan Biennale Museum to be constructed in 2017, etc also have been actively discussed.


The Institutional Improvement Committee is planning to confirm the specific improvement tasks on the problems raised above through additional discussions in the future within the year of 2014

Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee is planning to reflect the examined results of the Institutional Improvement Committee to be reflected on the Articles of Incorporation and internal regulations after going through a public hearing of citizens to be processed as final vote in the general assembly held in February of next year.