Suh Byung-soo Organizing Committee's Greeting

Greetings everyone.
This is Suh Byung-soo, the chairman of the Busan Biennale Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee was first established in 1999 as Busan International Art Festival Organizing Committee and changed its name in 2001 as the 'Busan Biennale'. After then, through opening the Busan Biennales and promting and expanding Korean art culture and inspired the specific characteristics of the local arts and their productions in purposes of improving international stance of the local art and at the same time consolidating contemporary art within local.

The Busan Biennale, created spontaneously together with Busan Youth Biennale, Sea Arts Festival and Busan International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium, has become a pride of the local art in Busan. The last iterations of the Busan Biennale have been highly acclaimed as their highly elaborated exhbitions that aptly represented the status quo of contemporary art along with experimental artworks invited. Besides, the Busan Biennale has become a festive event in which citizens can actively participate.

Bringing together with experimental contemporary art exhibitions and diverse local programs, we will put our best efforts to establish Busan as a cultural place.

Thank you very much for your continued interests and supports.

Organizing committee Suh Byung-soo

LIM, Dong Lak Executive Director's Greeting

Before the Busan Biennale of today, standing shoulder to shoulder with other prominent contemporary art festivals around the world, there have been other avenues of encouragement and support from many devoted artists and citizens of Busan. The Busan Youth Biennale of 1981 and the Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival (PICAF), which led to the Busan Biennale, laid the cornerstone of the 'L'ecole de Busan' spirit that made the culturally unexplored area of Busan rise as a center of contemporary art.

We're now living in the age of the digital revolution, the greatest revolution since the industrial revolution. The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee also intends to advance in an initiative and reformative direction by keeping pace with these winds of change. Through the Busan Biennale and Sea Art Festival, held alternately on an annual basis, we'll make Busan into a city of culture that the world focuses on and allow these festivals to grow into a unique cultural asset of Busan for Busan citizens to be proud of.

Returning to our original beginning, especially the birth of the Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival, the second leap will begin to be the world famous Busan Biennale and Sea Art Festival where citizens as well as artists may have exchanges with each other. Your warm support and enthusiastic encouragement will be appreciated and a great help to us. Let's meet the world with the Busan Biennale Organizing Committee.

Thank you.

Executive Director of the Busan Biennale Organizing Committee

Executive Director LIM, Dong Lak