Keep the sea
Gae Hyun Kim
Main Exhibition


Keep the sea, 2017, PC, ASB plastic, 1500x500x450cm, Commission for the Sea Art Festival 2017

Keep the sea

A ship magically entrapped in an enormous transparent bottle floats on the sea like countless fairy tales.Keep the seasymbolizes the many stories that have been told by the 18th century European sailors to lessen the boredom of the long voyages across the seas, and symbolizes the boundless stories of the sea. The 50,000 hexagonal blocks — developed and patented by the artist as a trade mark — were put together into a sailboat floating on the sea in the gigantic transparent bottle, its silhouette magically illuminating differently according to the angle of the refracted light in every moment.This work is a true inspiration to the viewer, presenting a ‘preserved resonance’ of such mysterious scene

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