Lost Landscape-Dadaepo (South Korea)
Jae Nam Kim
Main Exhibition


Lost Landscape-Dadaepo (South Korea), 2017, PVC, helium gas, (500x1000cm)x3, Commission for the Sea Art Festival 2017

Lost Landscape-Dadaepo (South Korea)

Kim's speech bubble series, shown in site-specific public spaces, draws a new abstract landscape, this time inDadaepo. In the speech bubble, which encompasses the past, present and future times of Dadaepo, the floating and vanishing immaterial language that crosses space and time at the boundary of text and image is recalled through the space of the empty bubbles. The empty bubbles portray in each viewer’s mind not only the linguistic involvement, but also the abstract scene as a new imagery created by the people, the ocean, the environment and the speech bubble.The sea which revives personal memories and stories becomes a subject and space for the contemplative time of the individual, and the speech bubbles without text become a dreamy space that is filled with the historical, cultural and social landscape of Dadaepo.

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