the horse in dream
Long spring
Main Exhibition


the horse in dream, 2017, stainless steel, 430x120x300cm, 320x80x140cm, 250x800x155cm, 350x100x190cm, Commission for the Sea Art Festival 2017

the horse in dream

This work, by Long Spring, a relatively new artist team consisting of artists Kim Jae-gak and Han Chang-gyu, sheds a new light on the fundamental problems of space as we perceive it. The concept of space that they propose is largely divided in two: the physical space where the sculptural work is positioned, and the psychological space of the viewer who perceives the spatial mass of the work. They devised a method called ‘Space Drawing’ to draw the planar ‘line’ in a three-dimensional space, and created a fourth dimensional space through the shape of horses using the cursive style font — one of the traditional fonts of East Asian calligraphy. Installed without a pedestal, this work rejects the authority of art and becomes a subject of play, opening communication channels between people. Also, through the visual experience of the empty spaces read in between the lines, with the ever-changing scenes of the ocean in the background, The Horse in Dream delivers different sensations according to each time and location.

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