The Secret of Evolution: #J-2
Jin Woo Kim
Main Exhibition


The Secret of Evolution: #J-2, 2017, stainless steel, steel, polycarbonate, LED, 500x500x700cm, Commission for the Sea Art Festival 2017

The Secret of Evolution: #J-2

Kim Jin-woo'sThe Secret of Evolution: #J-2takes a pseudo-scientific attitude to unravel with imagination the unexplained mysteries of the earth, the base of all life, and to reveal the secrets of evolution. This object, which is staged as if to be found in Dadaepo, looks like a rocket that apparently crashed into Earth and stuck in it upside down. On the other hand, it also has branches and leaves like a living tree. The artist claims that various substances were found in this matter called the ‘capsule’, and considers these objects as an umbilical cord to the various energy sources and natural phenomenathe earth has hitherto experienced, such as ice age, volcanic activity, and climate change. As if to open up Pandora’s Box and trace the hidden secrets of evolution, the viewer is invited to meditate on the evolution of Earth and life, imagining the combination, mutation, or propagation of these substances.

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