Accidental inflation
Tae In Kim
Main Exhibition


Accidental inflation, 2017, stainless steel, air, 2300x1400x8500cm

Accidental inflation

Kim works with countless metals, and deals with metal and heat, the volume change of metals, and the relationship between things that are artificial and accidental. For this work, Kim visualizes the momentary air condition of a specific time in the form of a figure sculpture. Accidental inflation shows an increase in volume and expansion of space according to the molecular kinetic energy of the metal, which increases with the application of heat. Kim endows expanded space in all metals, while storing air in sculpture by capturing temporal meaning in the volume expansion of metal. In particular, this work integrates the premeditated work intended by the artist, and the unpredictable contingency in such process.In other words, it’s a work created through the collaboration between artist and metal, heat energy and matter, and the artificial and accidental.

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