A slice of summer
Main Exhibition


A slice of summer, 2017, coated styrofoam, (320×100×430cm)×2, Commission for the Sea Art Festival 2017

A slice of summer

The sudden appearance of the pieces of watermelon revives memories of the summer on Dadaepo Beach, a place of rest and entertainment for summer vacationers. However, due to the non-realistic aspect of the watermelon pieces, the authenticity and clarity of such memories soon become confusing. Like so many public sculptures which take extremely ordinary and everyday subjects and are installed in the space of our lives on a completely non-realistic scale, DO’s watermelon works provide a different perception experience between familiarity and unfamiliarity. The artist invites playful participation of the viewer and emphasizes publicity, by creating a frame in the shape of watermelon seeds through which the viewer can look out to the sea, or the watermelon shape into which the viewer can put their heads in to become a part of the watermelon.

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