Theme See ― Sea & Seed
Period Sep. 19 to Oct. 18, 2015(30days)
Venue Dadaepo Beach(Busan)
Artistic Director Sung-Ho KIM(Independent Curator, Art Critic, Ph.D of Aesthetics and Science of Arts)
Artists·Artworks 34 artworks of 34 artists(team) from 16 countries
Artworks Genre Sculpture, Installation, Video, Mural, Photograph, Performance, etc
Main Exhibition
· Scattering Seed    Sculpture, Installation, Media Facade
· Germinating Seed-Imaginary Excavation Project   Excavation Project(Container), Media Art, Sculpture,

Installation, Performance

· Growing Seed   Sculpture, Installation, Performance
· Growing Sea   Sculpture, Kinetic Art, Installation, Performance

Special Exhibition
· Flying Sea    Grand Kites Installation Performance
Sea Art Festival 2015 Performance
NO Artist Period Time Number of Times Note Venue
1 Jong-Kyun LEE 1st Sep. 19 to Sep. 23 16:00~18:00 1st 5 times An art experience performance to complete artwork by filling up the fish-shaped mesh bags with garbage Dadaepo Beach -
2nd Oct. 8 to Oct. 10 2nd 3 times
2 Duck-Hyun CHO Sep. 18, Sep. 26,
1Oct. 3, Oct. 10,
Oct. 17
(Except for 12:00~13:00)
Once a week(5 times) A virtual excavation project In front of the Artwork -
3 Group Cera-energy Sep. 19 16:00~18:00 Once Earthenware making performance through open firing In front of the Artwork -
4 Sun CHOI 1st Beforehand Workshop (Seoul)
Early Aug. to Middle Sep.
10:00~18:00 At Ordinary Times An art experience performance to complete artworks as audiences blow their breath into the acrylic paint In front of the Container(Artwork) -
2nd Main Exhibition
Workshop (Busan)
5 Dorit CROISSIER Sep. 18 to Sep. 19 16:00~18:00 Once A performance of reproducing the signal fire of Korea to make fire on a mud tower In front of the Artwork -
6 Chintan UPADHYAY Sep. 20 to Sep. 21 16:00~18:00 Twice(Complete Gradually) 1st Step: Painting a junk car with white paint
2nd Step: Smashing a junk car
3nd Step: Planting flowers and trees on a junk car with the citizens
In front of the Container(Artwork) -
7 Jonathan Paul FOREMAN Sep. 17 to Sep. 23 At Ordinary Times At Ordinary Times Production of an impromptu artwork by collecting pure natural objects around Dadaepo Beach, a drawing performance on the white sands of the beach Dadaepo Beach -
8 Andy DEWANTORO Sep. 18 to Oct. 18 Until Completion of Artwork Until Completion of Artwork Selecting 10 people each day up to 100 people on the picture of audiences’ face taken in front of the artwork and sent to the Sea Art Festival Comittee’s e-mail In front of the Artwork -
9 Yoko ONO Sep. 18 to Oct. 18 At Ordinary Times At Ordinary Times An audience participating performance of hanging up a wish note to pray for one’s own wish on the wish tree of the artist In front of the Artwork -
Special Lecture
KO Un(Poet)
Date&Time Sep. 23 (Wed.), 14:00~16:00
Venue Saha-Gu Youth Cultural Center ‘Gouni Hall’
Title The Sea Art Festival like a day of feast, the daily routine and my literature (Working Title)
Contents Commentary on the collaborative work with Artist Tae-Won OH in the Sea Art Festival 2015 and the literary theory of Un KO
E Jung BAN (Art Critic)
Date&Time Oct. 7 (Wed.), 14:30~16:30
Oct. 14 (Wed.), 14:00~16:00
Venue Saha-Gu Youth Cultural Center ‘Gouni Hall’
Title Looking at the bare face of contemporary art
Contents Introduction of key issues and theories for the public to understand the contemporary art
(Part 1 : Destruction of Genre, Part 2 : Relational Aesthetics)
Festival Events
Perion Sep. 19 to Oct. 18, 2015(30days)
Venue Dadaepo Beach(Busan)
Festival Events Director Kim Jung Ju(Public Art Project Planner)
Program Beach Tent, Street Performance, Art Talk, Art Market, Art Experience Program, etc
Participating Team 40 team(Street Performance 18 team, Art Market 25 team)
· Art Walking Walk+Meet, Art Walking
Recycling Art Shelter 12:00-18:00, Permanent Operation, Festival Zone
A space to take a rest when appreciating the artworks on the sand
Recycling Street Art Furniture made of recycled pallets, recycled plastic bottles, recycled banners, and recycled plastic bags, etc.
Artalk Concert 16:00-18:00, 9 times, Festival Stage
No. Theme Date Performing Artists Genre, Contents
1 SEA Sep. 20(Sun.) Opera Company Opera Performance
2 Sep. 27(Sun.)*Chuseok holidays Lieto Trio Classic & New Age
Ha Jeerim Jazz Trio Jazz Performance
3 Sep. 28(Mon.)*Chuseok holidays KIM IL DU Acoustic Folk Rock(Singer-songwriter)
Jai Soul Jazz(Singer-songwriter)
Gokdoo Acoustic Folk Rock(Singer-songwriter)
4 SEE Oct. 3(Sat.) I See Band Acoustic Folk Rock
La Luce Popera
5 Oct.4(Sun.) Gobchang Kare Acoustic Folk Rock
Rough Rice Folk Rock
6 & Oct. 9(Fri.) Jo Yeonhee Acoustic Folk Rock(Singer-songwriter)
haku sungho Acoustic Folk Rock(Singer-songwriter)
KIM IL DU Acoustic Folk Rock(Singer-songwriter)
7 Oct. 10(Sat.) Humming Bird Acoustic Folk Rock
All For One Acapella+Choir
8 Oct. 11(Sun.) Selfish Acoustic Pop Band
SOJUNG Acoustic Pop Band
9 SEED Oct. 17(Sat.) KILLA MONKEEZ B-boy Street Dance
■ Art Walking Sea, Talking with Art
Art Cube 12:00-18:00, Permanent Operation, Festival Zone
Information for the Festival Events, Docent Guide
Art Talk 16:00-18:00, 9 times, Festival Stage
A short talk with the Artalk Concert including a talk on art and the theme of the Sea Art Festival 2015
■ Art Making Art Program with materials from sea, river, beach
Art Market 14:00-17:00, 9 times, Festival Zone
Art markets and production workshops formed based on handicrafts and recycled works
Love-Sea Art Program Zone 12:00-18:00, 9 times, Festival Zone
Theme Contents Division Experience Venue
Be Sorry Be sorry for making marine litter to the marine animal Introduction Tent
Stop Stop dumping in the sea Introduction Tent
Love Know the sea & Love Busan Introduction Tent
Remember Stamping the animal’s footmark Permanent Experience Sandy beach
Start Artist’s Room Permanent Experience Artist’s Room
Be Bored Recycling Art Program1 (I introduce my friend) Permanent Experience Tent,
andy beach
Recycling Art Program2 (For drawing myself) Special experience
Like Making the Sea Broach
Special experience Tent,
andy beach
Festival Events Schedule
Permanent Operation
Recycling Art Shelter
Art Cube
Love-Sea Art Program Zone
Date Sep. 19(Sat.) Sep. 20(Sun.) Sep. 27(Sun.) Sep. 28(Sun.) Oct. 3(Sat.) Oct. 4(Sun.) Oct. 9(Fri.) Oct. 10(Sat.) Oct. 11(Sun.) Oct. 17(Sat.)
Love-Sea Art Program Zone
(Art Instructor)
Art Market
Artalk Concert
(Art Talk+Performance)16:00-18:00