Sea Art Festival 2015 image

See ― Sea & Seed

After being held at Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Songdo Beach, the Sea Art Festival 2015 turns its focus on Dadaepo Beach. Sowing the seed of art in a brand new space is an ambitious project. It is like growing plants by sowing the seed on a salty beach. Sea Art Festival 2015 has set two main goals. The festival will inspire the enjoyment of cultural art by local residents while also aiming to create an experimental contemporary art exhibition. In other words, this festival will germinate the seeds of the artist’s creation and the visitor’s enjoyment.

‘See ― Sea & Seed,’ the theme of Sea Art Festival 2015 has a special significance. All citizens and artists are readily invited to a viewing (SEE) to get together (&) and share (&) the joy of art and sow the seeds (SEED) of art at a horizontal ( ― ) exhibition space, Dadaepo Beach (SEA). Through this event, we are expecting that the concept of SHARING and AND (&) will spread to all places from Dadaepo Beach. The festival hopes to create a network where people and the sea, art and region and artists and citizens form lasting warm relationships.

The Sea Art Festival 2015 will show more than thirty artworks by international artists who were invited by the Artistic Director. A wide range of artists including elderly, leading, and emerging artists of the international contemporary art scene will participate. Along with a section called ‘Scattering Seeds’ occupying the trail, this year’s show will display monumental sculptures above the waterfront as well as the ‘Growing Seeds’ section composed of an experimental installation that has reinterpreted the space by extending the scenery of Dadaepo Beach which is currently undergoing subway construction. The aim is incompleteness full of energy rather than a beautiful completeness.

Along with the vast horizontal ( ― ) space of Dadaepo Beach, filled with experimental artworks, another horizontal ( ― ) space of the semi-underground called the ‘Germinating Seed_Imaginary Excavation Project’ reinterprets the history of Dadaepo Beach, which was place of defense against the invasion of foreign countries, is a key point of viewing. In theses semi-underground containers, project type arts, media arts and installation works discovering and reinterpreting the time and space of Dadaepo from the past until now will be shown together. It is an art play of imagination to trace the beach’s history under the name of ‘Faction’. In this space, some plateaus and sand dunes ( l ) soaring up from the horizontal ( ― ) space of the beach, the visitor gets to discover certain artworks of homage. The exhibition scenery of day and night, the curved exhibition guidelines and the special information center for visitors are also things to see at the Sea Art Festival 2015.

Lastly, various accompanying events for citizens and by citizens and artists such as an international symposium and citizen participation program to dignify this Sea Art Festival will be shown at the same time.